Tuesday, 3 April 2018

#TeaserShare | Sombra by Leslie McAdam | L Woods PR

Kim whispers, “You’re so good.”
I steeple my fingers and give her a cocky smile. “You have no idea.”

Sombra by Leslie McAdam releases on APRIL 30th!

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Everything in moderation. Including virtue.

I step off the plane in Madrid and meet his warm eyes. His crooked smile. His devastating charm.
Worse, he’s courteous. Honorable. Sensuous. Impossibly attractive.

Tavo awakens my desires—my body—without even touching it.
I don’t want to be attracted to him. I’ve made my promises.
My future has already been determined. I'm wearing a ring.

But I can't control this pull to him.
He wants to explore my shadows.
I want to get out of the light.

I shouldn't feel this way...
Problem is, I can't restrain my heart.

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