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Book Review | Crash by Lizzie Hart Stevens


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I am lucky to be promoting this book for Release Tour as it will be coming out 3rd February 2017!!


Zane is cocky, a Grade A asshole and the most gorgeous bad boy I've ever laid eyes on.
I consider it my personal calling to prove to him he isn't God's gift to women. He embarrassed me, he got under my skin. And I can't let him get away with it.
Until he shows up at my best friends wedding. All wearing his suit and tie, looking like a model straight out of GQ. And even though I thought I'd moved on, our connection was undeniable, the sex unbelievable. It was a night I'd never forget.
We can't get enough of each other. Each night is better than the last, each touch bringing us closer than I ever imagined possible. Piece by piece he's tearing down his walls, showing sides of himself I never knew existed.
But when tragedy strikes can we survive the fallout, or will we crash and burn?

*Received for Release Tour


Wow, what amazing read this is ;) Zane and Brea met each other when she went to her Grandparents farm as her parents went travelling around Europe and Asia and she was scared of flying so she decided she will have more fun with her grandparents and be safe on the ground. Brea was outside gardening with her grandpa and her grandpa asks if she could take some eggs to her aunty's she lived not far from her grandparent's house. This is when she thought she would go see her cousin Tac who was playing on his game console with his friend Zane. This is where their attraction started as when she first saw Zane he was looking hot and muscles bulging out his top. She wanted him there and now but he was so cocky to her but secretly he wanted her too.

Through the story you just want them to admit their feelings for each other as Kane wasn't nice to Brea when he moved to her high school so she felt he didn't really find her pretty. But she felt he's the jerk but she just couldn't help her sexual attraction to him. Will they ever get together and spend all their life together, you gotta read it to find out*.

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I can't wait to read more of Lizzie Hart Steven's books as this book grabbed me from the first page and got me addicted to reading more.

*I was lucky to receive this book as an ARC ebook before it's release 3rd February 2017!!.

*Received for Release Tour

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Lizzie Hart Stevens is a devoted wife and mother living in beautiful Western Canada.

Her interests include writing, reading, music and tattoos. When she isn't busy trying to keep up with her kiddos, you can find her deep in her writing cave or buried in a steamy hot read. She's a sassy one, with a sexy imagination and she cannot wait to share her stories with you.

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*Received for Release Tour
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