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Blog Book Tour | A Valentine Secret by Emily Murdoch - A Regency Romance

I would like to thank the Author Emily Murdoch for giving us this beautiful book*. It's been a while since I read a historical romance. This book was so heartwarming I just enjoyed reading Emily's writing as I felt I was in a scene of Pride and Prejudice. I felt Jonathan is a caring person and he didn't feel he could find anyone and stay in Maplebridge as him and he's dad don't get on as they have different views and opinions like him studying in Oxford where he finds it boring. 
But one day he was walking about Maplebridge and he remembers playing down in the shopping area as a little child and he wonders what he could buy for hes mother from the Mr Baldwin's florist. While he was looking around the shop choosing what to buy that's when he sees this shy raven hair lady in front of him and from then on he just can't get her out hes mind. 
Her name is Penelope she was adopted by Mr and Mrs Baldwin. Jonathan can't get her beautiful face out of hes mind so he tries to woo her by asking her and her parents to come dine with him and he's parents. He wants to get to know her more but sadly the meal doesn't last long as he's dad Mr Brodie is rude to the guest and they didn't want to stay around to hear what he got to say. Mr Brodie chooses who he does and doesn't dine with and he chose that Mr and Mrs Baldwin and their daughter wasn't good enough as they are working class. So this really ruins the father and son relationship as Jonathan doesn't care who he talks to as he sees them as people not class division. 
Jonathan ask if Penelope would love to go to a dance but she never been to one before as she is to shy to go to any social events. This is where she sees that Jonathan is interesting in her and no other ladies as hes only got eyes for her. But while their loves blossom Jonathan feels the need to search Penelope's Parentage as he feels this will make her feel more connected to Maplebridge but when he visit her with the letters with all the information about her past. Will Penelope be okay to find out her past? Do you feel this will affect their relationship? If you want to find out what happens you got to read it for yourself by purchasing this amazing book. You can get it from the follow suppliers:

The reason I chose to do this book tour is that it popped up on my twitter and I was intrigued to read Emily Murdoch book as I love Historical Romances and I wanted to know what the story is going to be like. *I was kindly sent this book through to my kindle to do a read-along on Twitter where we talk about chapters as we go along. I really enjoy doing it as this is my first time doing a book club. Also everything I write down in the review is my honest opinion. 

*Author Bio*

Emily Murdoch is a medieval historian and writer. She has authored a medieval series and a regency novella series, and is currently working on several new projects. To stay updated on her writing and upcoming books, follow her on the following links.

Book Blurb

The course of true love never did run smooth… 

Jonathan Brodie, the only son of Sir Roger and Lady Brodie, has lived in the village of Maplebridge his whole life. 

Penelope, the daughter of the local florist, was adopted by the Baldwins when she was just a baby. 

They could not be more different and yet, one blustery January morning, their paths collide in a chance encounter that is destined to change their lives forever. 

Jonathan soon discovers that Penelope is far from the quiet wallflower that she first seems, but rather a beautiful rose just waiting for its chance to bloom. After spending more and more time together, it’s not long before their feelings for each other begin to blossom. 

However, when Jonathan starts investigating Penelope’s past, in order to present her with the truth about her biological parents, his grand Valentines gesture threatens to destroy any hope of a future with the woman he has grown to love. 

Penelope begins to doubt Jonathan’s motives. 

Is he only concerned with placating his domineering father and convincing him that she is worthy of the Brodie name? 

Despite his good intentions, will Jonathan’s Valentine Secret ruin everything? 

Or are two people from opposite ends of society simply destined to remain poles apart forever? 

A Valentine Secret is a charming regency romance novella about never giving up on true love. 

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  1. Thank you so much for joining the tour and sharing your thoughts on the book. Glad to know you enjoyed your book club experience. :)