Tuesday, 15 November 2016

B Beauty Limited - Cotton Infused Face Mask Review

While I was scrolling through twitter I saw alot of people raving about sheet face masks. I have used clay mask this year but never have used sheet mask they fascinate me as I always like to try something new out. I am scared to try every face products as I have sensitive skin. So when I saw B Beauty Ltd I thought why not ask them if its kind for sensitive skin. As you can see on the package it does say its for all skin types. But sometimes they say it for "sensitive skin" or "all skin types" but I can see get a reaction from them. They kindly sent me out one of their cotton infused face mask and when I recieve the package it was in a lovely pink parcel as you can see below. When I open it, I was surprised with the illustration on the company's information booklet.

When you open the information booklet there is a list of the ingredients they put in to their masks. I love how they tell you honestly what you getting. 

They have alot in their range and I can't wait to save my money and buy some more. When I open the package to the mask you can see the beautiful oil and the smell was so beautiful too. I relaxed back and kept it on for the full 30 minutes. As you can see in the picture my mask was put on properly but this is my first time and I will do it better when I get some more in the future but that didn't stop the beautiful oil soaking into my skin.

But wow the product is really good it didn't react with my skin and I didn't get any burning sensation while wearing it. I made sure to massage the excess of the oil all over my face and down my neck. It felt so moisturising and I will defiantly buying more.

Thank you B Beauty Ltd for sending out the cotton infused face sheet mask.  ALL OF THEIR MASKS ARE PARABEN, PRESERVATIVE AND ALCOHOL FREE.

Thanks for reading x 

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Q Have you tried any of sheet masks? If yes, what do you think? comment below please x

About B Beauty Ltd
This is the 2 ladies behind B Beauty Ltd they are called Lisa and Madoka.

Lisa was introduced to infused cotton face masks with her sister in a law while in Tokyo and once she tried them she fell in love she couldn't believe how easy they are to use and how they sooth and moisturise the skin and she wanted to share it with the English women and they don't even cost too much. Madoka missed her face masks whilst living in England she use to have her mum send them over for her as she couldn't find anything like this over here. These beautiful masks all contain aloe vera so they are kind to the skin and they will soothe and moisture your skin.

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