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Book Review: Kilimanjaro My Story by Rod Wood

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I love I had this opportunity to read this non-fiction book usually I don't read non-fiction I more read fiction books. But when I was given from the author I read the blurb (I always do this) the story grabbed me.
The story is about Rod Wood (author) he had the dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It wasn't easy for him as personal events affected him and the dream was pushed to the back of his mind.
While reading the story I felt for Rod as he struggled with his personal meltdown but I loved that he got support from his parents and his friends to push him to do this dream.
I am happy that he plucked up the courage and achieved this amazing experience. I loved he added the photos as this made it personal and heartwarming as it made you feel that you have gone on the journey with Rod.
It's amazing that through the book you can see Rod's confidence grow and how he bonded with the other team members and porters. It, not just the story of his achievement what grabbed its that the three volcanoes, Kilimanjaro, Mawenzi, and Meru are changing due to the climate change and the global warming, as we had periods of warmth, and periods of extreme cold so this helped the glaciers to grow and cover the summit. It also how people who visit these volcanoes treat them by leaving litter behind and not clean up after their selves.
This book makes me what to write my own bucket list and achieve some goals what have been on my mind what I have pushed aside.

It is worth the read and I would recommend to you if you into traveling and what to climb Mount Kilimanjaro yourself.

*Thanks, Rod Wood for sending me the book to read and everything I have written is my honest review and opinion.
Rod also wrote the book Fishing The Net with Jane Reeves. I have written the book review for this book here. You can also purchase this here: 

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Also, you can hear Rod Wood on Brooklands Radio, here is the link to the Podcast click here.

Thanks for reading.

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Author Bio 
Rod Wood has spent most of his life as a country vet, having spent several years in Devon, Gloucestershire, and for the past twenty-six years in Shropshire. Born in Chester, Mum and dad farmed in the Vale of the White Horse in Berkshire, before moving down to Exmoor as Rod went to university in Bristol. It is here that Rod cultivated his “free spirit” and enjoyment of walking in wide open spaces. Being a farm vet he is able to spend his days enjoying the countryside and his love of cattle farming.
Early days spending his free time playing hockey up to county standard, the job took over so a keen following of football and rugby soon took over, and trying to play golf while bringing up a young family. Now divorced, but pleased to see his offspring thriving, it is now time for him to pursue his own interests outside of work.
Kilimanjaro was a lifelong ambition, and encouraged his writing, which up to then he hadn’t enjoyed (probably having to write to many factual, clinical articles). Now free to write as he feels, there was a sense of achievement in finishing his first book, “Kilimanjaro. My goal. My story.” He is now finished writing a light-hearted account of internet dating,called 'Fishing the Net' to be published summer 2016, along with his partner Jane Reeves. Books to follow will be on "Sea , Seine, and Sardinia", and a follow-up to "fishing the Net". He will return to Africa in 2017 to see the Game Reserves of Tanzania and Kenya and climb Mt Kenya, and then write about his experiences.

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