Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Book Review: Fishing The Net by Rod Wood with Jane Reeves

Fishing The Net by Rod Wood with Jane Reeves

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow I loved reading this book. It showed the realistic side to online dating and how the main character Gill Finn who divorced twice. Shes fifty something and she wants to find love and settle down. She heard about that you can join up with these dating websites through her friends at work and she thought why not. She lives in a small village and its hard to find a decent man. Gill Finn is a funny women and she made me laugh through the book. I love how you go along the stories of each date she been on. She gone through some good, bad and even the scammers. It shocking what people will do online.
I felt for Gill as she just wanted someone to love and be loved back. You get through some of her dates thinking yes she found the one and there is always a flaw in their looks, habits or their personality.
It continues on with the stories of Ocra and Starfish and how they met online fell in love and married and Gill was jealous that they both found each other. But she starts to help her work friend Dory set up a online dating profile and help her find the real guys out there. But Dory is so picky and its a struggle to help her find the one. So Gill shows her that there is more then one site to find some men who would love to meet up in person.
I love how the authors put in the fishing names like Gill, Starfish and Dory. Gill is a fan of fishing so her intentions are to fish the net and find a decent catch. You are rooting for her to find the guy and while you reading through you expect her to find the guy she want but there are always let down. But this book shows the honest account of what it's like to find love in the 21st century. I am so happy that I found my man and never used the dating website as this book shows how men can be down right cheaters (I know not all of you men out there).

I wont say anymore as I would want you to go and buy this book and see what you think to it.

Have you got any stories to tell about your experience with any of the dating websites?

*I was kindly given this by the authors of Fishing the Net I am grateful they sent it out for me to review on my blog. I want to thank Rod Wood and Jane Reeves for sending me this book.

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