Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cleethorpes Colour Run 2016

Well as you can see the title I did the popular Colour Run in my local town of Cleethorpes. This is the second time it was run in Cleethorpes and last year I just didn't have the courage to do it. This year I did it with my Fiance's nephew Luke and it was a amazing experience and we will be doing it next year hopefully make a group of us. 
Me and my Fiance's Nephew Luke (I've covered up hes face for privacy)
If you don't know what colour run is it was created back in 2011 they created it so people could have fun and get healthy at the same time. You can run, skip, hop or walk through it. Me and my Fiance's nephew fancy walking around it. I saw some people do a three legged walk it was funny to see. 
Fun we had before with some powder paint and music.
We was getting all messy and ready to do the event.
This is when we started and we had blue powder paint blown into my face and camera I nearly thought I broke my camera but it still working :)
As you can see its messy but it did take a while to get all the paint out but it was such fun! But I did walk in Subways and had my dinner.

So if there is anyone in the Cleethorpes area wanting to do the Colour run next year with me comment below, tweet me on Twitter or message me on Facebook.

What fun event have you done this year? Also have you done the Colour Run in your local area? 

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