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Book Review: Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

Beside Myself is about Helen and Ellie who are identical twins. Helen is the leader and Ellie is the follower. Ellie was born after Helen she had problems when she was born she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck so this caused Ellie communication and functional skills. 
I started to hate the character Helen because she was awful to Ellie she bullied her and pulled pranks. I felt sorry for Ellie as she doesn't get the attention from their mother. Helen and Ellie as gone through a traumatic event in their life as their biological father took hes own life so their mother couldn't cope and started neglecting them. I didn't like how their mother always spoiled Helen over Ellie and Helen always got the best of everything. 

Beside Myself by Ann Morgan
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The story is all about that one day when Helen and Ellie was out playing and Helen thought it would be fun to swap places and fool everyone around them. But Helen thought it would only last for one day and everything will go back to normal the next day. But Ellie grabbed the chance as she was getting the attention she need. So Helen life turns upside down and she starts to live Ellie life and she is shocked how Ellie is treated. Helen did try to tell their mother but she didn't believe her and so you follow Helen's nightmare through her school life, home life and through her adult life. 

Helen isn't get the support from home so she starts to rebel and go down the wrong path. You really feel for her and you experience what she is going through as the author writes in first person. 

This book touches on Mental Health and the writing is so true and beautiful as Helen is suffering with Bipolar Disorder. The book gripped me me as I wanted to know how Helen's life will end. I keep wanting her mother to realize that she is the real 'Helen'. I won't say anymore as I would like you to read it for yourself.

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Author: Ann Morgan

If you would like to read this book you can buy it from Bloomsbury and all major retailers.
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