Sunday, 7 August 2016

Reason why I didn't do a post last week.

Reason why I didn't do a post last week.
Sorry I didn't do a post on Thursday it just I've been thinking what next to write. It just making a blog aint easy to do as you got to learn how to do each post. Thanks YouTube and Google for searching how to do certain things like how to make the pages on top of the blog. I kept finding instruction for the older version of Blogger so it was a full day looking about and learning. I am a visual person so I love watching YouTube for instruction videos. But also I do get distracted and start watching my Watch Later list of YouTubers videos.

But I did start my blog on Facebook and when I was getting viewers on my page and videos I was uploading I thought why not take the plunge into the Blogging world :) Also I love tweeting now and taking photos most of them end up on my Instagram. I have notice the new Instagram Stories is alot like Snapchat, what you think to it?

You know I haven't fully used Snapchat but I did keep downloading it and thinking argghhhh I just don't know what to do I'm no wizzkid at doing anything technical. I do know how to turn the pc on lol. But it just that I do like getting my face on camera or video as I am too shy and nervous that everyone can see it.

I keep looking at the hacks on YouTube on how to use Snapchat but I think I'll try Instagram Stories out for a while and see where it takes me.

Recently I've been feeling like this 

I've been blaming it on the weather but it just my sleeping pattern all over the place, I always have struggled to sleep at night. But I will get more motivated to do more blog post for you. I have started doing mine and my other half garden so will be learning more into flowers. We have bought some flowers and the other half as made a beautiful rockery you can go on over to my Instagram(I will link all my social media sites below). Also I've been reading alot recently so I've had my nose stuck in a book. So there will be Book Reviews coming up. I have also loving Goodreads app/website and I've started a Book Club but it's coming soon I will keep you updated and give you all the link. Below are the links to my Social Networking Sites. I've just started with Pinterest so I will be adding more to it. So I will put the link below for you all.

Thanks all for reading x 

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