Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fundraising for Charity

I love fundraising for different charities as I know where the money is going to, I love the feeling once I'm at the finish line. I always cry as the feeling what I'm doing is helping people out there. Below are images of me doing charity events...

These were done in 2013 where I was alot healthier. That year I did in total of 6 or 7 charities events. I was addicted to doing them. I will write down the list of the charities I fundraised for.

These were done last year. I didn't do as much last year but I did more knitting of teddies, blankets, booties, hat and premature cardigans. I will write below if you can knit or crochet. I will leave the link where you can help out.

Knitted teddy bears for Operational Christmas Child. I have done some for this year but I will be getting myself motivated to do some more as I aint knitted for a while. 

 These are some of the medals I have received from the charity events I've fundraised. I will be doing the Cleethorpes Colour Run this year with my other half nephew. I can't wait I will be getting some photos on the day. So that will be late September. 

Wow I remember doing this for MND/ALS. I heard from the fundraising they have found a gene and will be cures. I am so proud I did it with my other half. I can remember for a few days afterwards I had a headache and cold.

The charities I fundraised for are below...

I always find new charities by searching online or sometimes charities will come on the news and there was one the other day. The charity is called Heads Together is The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The started the charity back in 2011 and they have done loads for mental health. Heads Together is a mental health campaign led by The Royal Foundation in partnership with seven charity partners and they are the following YoungMinds, Best Beginnings, CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), Contact (a military mental health coalition), Place2Be, TheMix and Mind. 
There are charities that deep to my heart and they are COPD Foundation, SANE and Breast Cancer Care as these have affected my family. I will be trying to do some events for these if anyone would like to help me out as arranging a event can be stressful. As me and my friend arranged the Macmillan Coffee Evening and with all the pressure I have to rest for a few days. 
 What charities have you fundraising or organised a charity event for?

Thanks for reading x

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