Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Professor Green comes to Grimsby!

As you can see I uploaded this picture up on my Facebook TwitterHave you guessed who came to the NAViGO AGM 2016.

Drum roll......

It was Professor Green. I know this was a month ago but it was before I started this blog. Each month I get a magazine as I am a NAViGO Community Member as I am a full time carer for my partner who as Mental Health condition. 

If you don't know about NAViGO they are a Charity who provide wide range of health and care services in North East Lincolnshire. They have done loads for use carers and service users. This is their website and what services they provide if you live or know anyone who live in the North East Lincolnshire area and are a carer.

Sorry if this picture is to small just visit their website by clicking HERE when you on their website hover over the Over Services.

NAViGO each year have a special guest speaker to come previous years there as been Frank Bruno, Gail Porter, Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn from Rethink. So knowing it getting closer to the revealing of who was coming I was getting curious of who it was going to be. So when we recieve the monthly NAViGO community member newsletter booklet, my partner open the envelope and said "You never guess who coming?" I said "Who? He said to me "Professor Green". I thought yeah right hes a big celebrity he wouldn't come here and when he showed me this 

I was gobsmacked and excited. I made sure I get down there to see how the star is in real life as in Cleethorpes and Grimsby you don't get much celebrities but recently we getting more stars coming here. So I made sure on the day I had my phone charged ready to take photos and get a autograph but I didn't get a autograph as he came for half hour and he is a busy guy. But wow it was a amazing experience I can now tick that off my bucket list lol. He was so down to earth and alot taller in person. Below is the best photo I could get I have to zoom in as there was loads of people in the room. 

If you haven't read hes autobiography you can purchase the paperback off Amazon UK . I am reading through it but I've been distracted and reading a book I've recieved from a author called Fishing The Net so when I finish both of these book. I will be reviewing them and will be on blog post soon.....


This is a snippet of the interview sorry couldnt get it all of the interview. But I was too shy to hold my phone up and film him. I got abit starstruck lol.

Here is some more photos what was taking on the day from NAViGO and a newspaper clip from our Local Newspaper. 

Thanks Professor Green for coming (I know he wont read this blog but we all dream). Also I would love a autograph from him shame I didn't get one on the day. But I will cherish the day Professor Green came to Grimsby for the NAViGO AGM 2016. I am wondering who will come next year. 

Who have you met or seen in your local Town or City and got starstruck?

Also I would love for you to upload any photos you got of you taking photos of the celebrities you seen or had a selfie with and upload on my Facebook or upload on my Twitter (using #LROSCelebPhoto and let see if we can get it also trending please).

Thanks for reading x 

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