Friday, 12 August 2016

Book Review: A Good Catch by Fern Britton

A Good Catch by Fern Britton 2015

This book is written by TV presenter Fern Britton. She as wrote seven books go check them out. I have already read 'Hidden Treasures' once I read this book I went on the seach for more of her books they are that good.

I found this book 'A Good Catch' wow what a amazing book it grabbed me from the first chapter. I just didn't want to put down the book as this is a heartwarming and down-to-earth book. 

I was drawn to the characters, the story involves four friends Jesse, Greer, Loveday and Mickey they all grew up in a little fishing village of Trevay. They all thought their lives where mapped out for them. Jesse would be working at hes father's fishing company, Greer will marry Jesse as Greer loved Jesse but he only liked her but their fathers wanted them to marry so they can merge their businesses into one. While Loveday loved Jesse and Jesse had feelings for her. Mickey is Jesse's best friend and is in love with Loveday but she aint got the same feelings. But not everything goes to plan like the night before Jesse and Greer get married Jesse gets drunk and sleeps with Loveday. So Loveday tells Jesse that he loves him and she tells him if he loves her back he shouldn't go through the wedding but that doesn't go to plan and Jesse get stuck in a loveless marriage and Loveday marries Mickey. 

They keep the secret and lies from Greer and Mickey as it would wreck their relationship and friendship. So through the book you see them grow up and start a family but they still have this big secret will Jesse get Loveday and live happily ever after?

You will have to buy the book and read for yourself I wont give away spoilers but it's worth the read.

Q. What heart warming book have you read recently or in the past? (Comment below please)

Thanks for reading x