Thursday, 28 July 2016

Films I've been watching

Who loves sitting back and relaxing and watching a film at home or even in the cinema. I love how you can escape into another world. 

Below are the films I've been watching,

The Help (2011)

I watched this film a while back on Channel 4. The film is about a aspiring author Skeeter Phelan (Emma Stone) makes friend with a African-American maid Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) who are struggling through the civil rights in the 1960's. They start to trust her and open up to her about how they feel how the white people treating them. This film opened my eyes to how coloured people are treat through the civil rights. After she gets all the stories from the maids she decides to write the book and changes start to happen. I feel you find this film and watch and it will be worth your time. 

Spotlight (2015)

First part of the film did drag a little but once I got into the film it open my eyes to what happened in Boston, America. Spotlight is based on a true story about how Boston Globe uncovered a massive scandal where the Catholic Churches where covering up child molestation. They went back into the records and found out its been happening 30 years so its shocking what happened. It also said that there are hidden massive scandals all around the world not just America. It worth watching and see for yourself what you think. 

Brooklyn (2015)

For this film its set in the 1950's Brooklyn. This love story is so beautifully written. Its starts with a girl called Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) from Ireland who immigrants to Brooklyn. Where she meets a lad called Tony (Emory Cohen). She starts fallen for him but problems starts happening and she torn between Brooklyn and her hometown Ireland. If you love your romance films check this one out. 

Room (2015)

Room is about a women and her little boy who confined into a small shed. You see how the boy keeps questioning her why he can't go outside to play and why he there. The film grip me from the beginning as you are questioning why she there. I wont say anymore about what happens as I don't want to spoil it for you but check this film out. 

Spectre (2015)

Daniel Craig is amazing at 007 James Bond but I'm wondering who going to act after this one as there is rumours Daniel Craig as stepped down from doing the 007 role. But I feel this is the best of the Daniel Craig films as I did really rate Skyfall. But I feel I need to re-watch Skyfall. Who loves the song from Sam Smith Writing's On The Wall? So what film of Daniel Craig's do you like the best?

'Tis the season for love (2015)

You gotta love some Hallmark cheesy love film, some of these films can be boring and predictable. But I felt like feet up and relax watching this and get excited for Christmas I love the decorating part of Christmas. Right lets get to the story its about a small town women Beth Baker (Sarah Lancaster) who jets off to New York to pursue her dream job of acting. But she felt she would get a job over there but only lands her a job as a waitress. So her friend helps her and pays for her to go back to her hometown for Christmas as she ain't been back in so long. But when she back she finds out that her dreams are being answered. If you love these sort of films go and find it and watch it with your feet up and a hot chocolate or any hot beverage as the weather as gone cooler.

The BFG (2016)

I went to the cinemas with the other half to watch this film. I thought before going in the room that it wont beat the original animated version. But wow this was amazing how they used animated and real action. But you all know what the story is about if you seen the original. Mark Rylance as BFG was amazing I've seen him in the trailer for Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks he won a award for that film. Also Ruby Barnhill as Sophie was great. I hope she goes in more films as she a talented girl.
So if your a Disney fan or The BFG fan get on down to your local cinema if they show it.
Final but not least gotta be a old one what I watched at the cinema when I was 7. I saw that it was on BBC so I thought why not sit down and watch it with my other half as he remember watching it when he was younger. The film is......

Toy Story (1995)

"To infinity and beyond" this is the famous quote from Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). Wow Tom Hanks plays Woody the cowboy who doesn't like Andy's new toy Buzz Lightyear. Buzz wants to find hes spaceship to go back to Space so Woody is happy to help him but along the journey Woody starts to feel for Buzz and tries to show him that he can't get back and hes only a toy. This is a nostalgic film for me and brings me back to my childhood and I hope it does for you and also show your Children, Grandchildren or even you Nieces and Nephews as I will try and show my Great Niece this and show how films was like when I was younger. 

I hope these have made you want to browse and see what you think to each film or bring back memories when you watch your favourite films from your childhood. I was brought up with films and music. We always watched a film on Channel 5 on Sundays while my mum was peeling the potatoes ready for our cook meal.

What is your childhood film you can watch over and over? 
What latest films have you seen?

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Thanks for reading x 

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